Are you experiencing?

Are you experiencing the changes associated with fluctuating hormones? Maybe you have been to your Dr and been told everything is ‘normal’. Have you been offered the contraceptive pill for your changing cycles, or an antidepressant for the mood fluctuations and anxiety, knowing that these drugs won’t address the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Perimenopause can sneak up on us quietly. Perhaps you have never felt the same since having children, but you’ve managed to carry on for years managing work, household responsibilities and family life.

This is why I have created ACUPAUSE – A 6 week menopause wellness. This individualised wellness journey is for anyone:

  • Starting to notice changes within yourself, your cycle, and your body
  • Right in the depths of peri / menopause
  • Those who are ‘out the other side’, no longer having periods but wanting help with well being and being well.


6 weeks to menopause wellness

How It Works

This 6 week wellness journey includes a comprehensive initial intake where we will delve into every part of your physical and emotional experience, followed by your first acupuncture session that will set the course for the following weeks.

I will interpret your existing blood results with a fresh set of eyes or help you to ask for helpful tests.

I can recommend supplements and Chinese Herbs. Herbs and supplements are an excellent adjuvant for your treatments and allow us to build on what we are doing in the clinic.

I will also provide diet advice that works for you and your body, suggesting changes that are realistic and attainable for you.

Each week we will check in on how you are doing before we build upon last week’s acupuncture treatment. Our goals are to not only find relief from the physical symptoms, but to also help guide the nervous system to regulate, and even help you to make changes at a deep level to affect mood, emotions and negative self beliefs.

Acupuncture enables our body to make the adjustments required to rebalance. To get the most of these 6 weeks, you will have to make adjustments to your life where needed too. This may involve what you eat, how you move and how you take care of yourself.

Are you motivated and ready to embrace change, to take responsibility for feeling well and healthy? Or are you feeling lost and really don’t know how to get back on track?

Sometimes we think we are doing everything right, but what we have done for years isn’t working for us anymore.

I see women like you every day in the clinic – I am one of those women.

I will help you to embrace this next chapter of your life, so you can better navigate this transition and take control of your health and well-being.


6 weeks to menopause wellness
$ 795 Your Investment
  • 6 weekly Acupuncture treatments
  • Advice on diet, lifestyle, supplements and more
  • Initial appointment 1.5 hours then consecutive appointments 1 hour