Work With Me

You are unique, therefore you are treated as such. I do not do routine or “cookie-cutter’ acupuncture. Everyone receives individualised treatments to ensure we get the best results possible as fast as we can. I will listen to you, your story matters. I create a relaxed and caring clinic and I know that you will leave feeling better than you did before.

On top of the acupuncture, I may also use other modalities in our treatment including moxabustion, cupping and herbs when needed, depending on your body, our desired outcome and the reason for the disharmony.

Not only do I work on the physical body, I will address the mind and spirit too, my treatment approach is holistic and the benefits will be apparent on all those levels.


Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into the body at specific points. The average treatment requires around 6 needles.  Although there may be as little as 3, or as many as 10 depending on the location they need to go into, your condition, and your constitution.

Acupuncture improves the flow of Qi (energy) and Blood to remove blockages and restore vital flow to the body.

The benefits are both physical and emotional as the Qi flow improves. The number of treatments needed varies depending on the person and the condition you present with.

Supplements and Chinese Herbs

Herbs and supplements are prescribed as part of your at-home self care to enhance your acupuncture treatment.
Chinese Herbs are either in powder or capsule form. I am committed to using only the finest quality supplements and herbs.


Cupping is the use of glass cups that are placed on your body at specific points where they create a suction effect.  They are used to remove stagnation, move the Qi and clear cold pathogens.  Often used to treat pain, but useful in many other conditions too.


Moxa is a Chinese Herb called Ai Ye (mugwort or artemesia).  It is processed down into a smokeless form, so its not too smokey and smelly.  After lighting it is held NEAR chosen acupuncture points or areas.  It warms the area, moves the Qi and is nourishing.  Used for turning breech babies, often given to the client to take home and use as part of self treatment.


Acupressure & Massage

You can also book an appointment for you and your partner to learn acupressure techniques and point location for use in labour.