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Fertility problems are on the rise, but most  people are not actually clinically infertile. Instead, they are not in optimum reproductive health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You have booked with me because you are:

  • You’re having difficulty conceiving
  • You’ve had recurrent miscarriages
  • You’re wanting to prepare your body for conception
  • You are waiting to undergo IVF
If you have lost hope, I can help you regain it again. Working together we will create changes that will restore confidence in your body and its ability to make a baby and have the best birth you can imagine.

I understand your sense of urgency. You may even feel like your time is running out. I understand and I am here to guide you through this. I have put together this information to help you understand the process of working with me so you can relax into the treatment as well as feeling heard and understood.

What you do in the time leading up to conception plays a role in this and the health of your future babies. We pass on our DNA and are born with all of our eggs needed for reproduction, so it is essential that you know that we are also having an effect on our grandchildren’s health too.

Working with me takes commitment and a willingness to make changes and learn new skills. This is an investment not only in your health right now, but also pregnancy, birth, postnatally as well as perimenopause and post menopause.

To get the most of your treatment,  it is important that you understand the advice and information I have. You can then put into motion the changes that I have recommended. Remember, it is ok to make changes at your own pace and if you are struggling to speak to me so we can work through them together. The changes that you make are just as powerful as your time in the clinic receiving treatment.

You may already have a diagnosis from your doctor of what may be attributing to your fertility problems. I take into consideration the diagnosis from your doctor, as well as any blood test, sperm test results and scan results you have previously had. All information you can bring is useful and helps to make a TCM diagnosis and a plan of treatment going forwards

At your initial consultation, the information I will gather is very thorough and in-depth. Most women find that nobody else has asked them so much about their entire system before. We may or may not have time for acupuncture treatment at the end of our first consultation.

You need to be aware that it may take weeks to gather all the information we need, as sometimes it depends on you, getting the testing done with your doctor, and completing an entire month of BBT charting.

This treatment is not a quick fix. You will not have the results or outcome you want to achieve from one session. It takes time, initially no less than 3-4 months - or menstrual cycles. This is the time the body needs to incorporate the treatments and changes we make. Even before IVF, I advise clients to allow 3 months or menstrual cycles to optimize results from treatment.

Once I have all the information I need, I will work out a treatment plan that is specific for you and your body. You are unique, therefore you are treated as such. I do not do routine or “cookie-cutter’” acupuncture. You will receive individualised treatments to ensure we get the best results possible as fast as we can. Your treatment may consist of:

  • High quality practitioner supplements and herbs for you which are specific for you to support your treatment plan.
  • Weekly acupuncture treatment and check in with me
  • Diet and lifestyle changes
  • Relaxation techniques

I may also ask you to track your Basal Body Temperature (BBT).  BBT is extremely useful to help me with diagnosis and treatment plan, but it also helps us to assess progress.

Another important part of your fertility journey is to understand that it is not all on you as a woman. Men have a role to play in ensuring the health and quality of their sperm. I offer treatment for men to enhance sperm production, performance and overall reproductive health.

The goal of each treatment plan, even though individual to you, will help to:

  • Regulate / restore menstrual cycles
  • Encourage healthier periods, treating pain and ensuring healthy flow
  • Optimise egg quality
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Balance hormones
If you have lost hope, I can help you regain it again. Working together we will create changes that will restore confidence in your body and its ability to make a baby and have the best birth you can imagine.

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Nicola Douglas

I have a background in nursing and graduated from the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies in 2002. I have a passion for woman’s health, particularly fertility and pregnancy.